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Precision cut panels

Our cladding panels are cut on state of the art Australian made CNC machines to produce precise and accurate dimensions on every panel. We can supply pre-cut or pre-cut and folded with angle attached panels.

Cladding installation

Our experienced experienced team provide lasting high quality cladding installations.

About Wards Cladding

Located approximately 40 minutes from Melbourne's CBD in Bayswater, Wards Cladding takes care of all your cladding needs. We can source materials, cut and fold the material on state of the art Australian made CNC routers and our experienced carpenters install the panels on site. We work on apartment complexes, smaller residential homes as well as corporate offices and building such as car dealerships.


Most cladding panels are produced fromĀ  an aluminium - polymer - aluminium layered composite such as alucobond, vitrabond, globond, or an aluminium - aluminium honeycomb - aluminium layered composite. These composite panels come in a wide range of colours and surface finishes including anodised and brushed.


We recently worked with a local fab shop. We CNC routed and countersunk holes into 10mm 5083 aluminium sheet. With
At Wards Cladding, our Melbourne factory currently has 2 CNC machines used for cutting, engraving and profiling. Using these machines
In early 2012 Wards Cladding outfitted the new Holden dealership in Brighton with stylish cream alucobond. 1 2 3 4
With the prices of 3D printers coming down, manufacturers are using acrylic to cut the costs of parts. The problem
Wards Cladding fitted the external cladding to achieve the slick and modern appearance on this stunning high end apartment in