Wards CNC

Our services

CNC routing

Our Australian made CNC machines can cut and engrave a wide range of materials including aluminium, wood and plastics.

CAD Drawing

We can cut materials from your hand drawing or from your existing digital drawing file.


Talk to us and see how we can help your project from inception to completion.

About Wards CNC cutting

Located approximately 40 minutes from Melbourne's CBD in Bayswater, Wards CNC cutting provides CNC cutting and machining services to businesses and individuals across Melbourne and Australia. Our CNC machines produce parts and components for the construction, marine, automotive, engineering and landscaping industries as well as sign, cabinet and furniture makers. We also cater to the hobbyist to help finish your backyard projects.

Our Machines

Our machines are capable of 2D, 2.5D (V-carving) and 3D routing. With the power of modern computers and engineering techniques, what we can cut is only limited by your imagination.

Our newest Multicam CNC router is fitted with an air assisted head, ideal for producing grooves in aluminium composite at a consistent depth. It is also fitted with an automatic tool changer for large production at faster rates.


With access to a wide range of tooling, we can cut plastics, plywood, MDF, softwoods, Hardwoods, aluminium composite panels (see our cladding page) and aluminium.